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White privilege: Guilt, Responsibility and Hope

I live my life steeped in various forms of privilege–unearned advantages bestowed on me through countless means. As a male, I exist in a world that affirms my manhood. Anything considered strong, rational or heroic is applied to my gender. … Continue reading

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What I Learned About White Privilege and Racism From Buying Bread

I love Portuguese rolls. Especially the ones from the bakery on the corner. These rolls are famous enough that they are greeted by many customers as they emerge at 10am, fresh from the oven and ready for an after breakfast … Continue reading

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White privilege and the road to building a united South Africa

Building a non racist, non sexist and inclusive South Africa requires unmasking structural privileges that support racial inequality in contemporary South Africa. Because South Africa is a racially constructed society, the system advantages the passport of white privilege. Exposing how privilege operates provides a framework to tackle oppressive policies, institutions, symbols and discourse in order to fully realize the vision of a truly unified country. Continue reading

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